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How does coaching help?

Coaching helps you reveal the best version of yourself, unleash your potential to achieve your goals, to gain confidence and promote action.
Coaching is the art of blowing embers so that the best of you is lit up.
The coach is a facilitator of change, a catalyst for surpassing oneself. A coach helps you to get to know yourself, to recognise what you really want and to release the potential inside you to achieve it, using your strengths and overcoming your limitations. They help you to discover your own path and to remove obstacles to achieving your goals. They help you to build a bridge between your current situation and your future goal.
A coach helps you to draw a map and to use the compass inside you to reach the desired destination. Rather than showing you, they help you to learn.



How does it work?

The art of coaching can be compared to Socrates’ maieutics, which revealed the truth by answering powerful questions.
Coaching works through creative and powerful conversations: active listening, questions, clarifications and reformulations of statements to:
– Invite you to reflect and identify your goals.
– Generate self-awareness, detecting obstacles, beliefs and self-limitations that prevent you from using your skills and hold you back from your goals
– Make you experience other perspectives and help you to discover solutions that are more appropriate for you.
– Create an action plan to put you on the road towards achieving your goal, build confidence, acquire the commitment and motivation to carry it out.